Why video interviewing should be part of your recruitment strategy

Video interviewing is rapidly becoming part of the recruitment process for both employers and job seekers.
Video_Interview_Email_HeaderResearch shows that issues well known in the recruitment process such as time, cost, skill shortages and quality of hire are what’s driving companies to look for new technologies, like video interviewing, to overcome these challenges.

Here are some of the key challenges that video interviewing can help with:

  1. Time to Hire
    A major annoyance in the recruitment process is the time it takes to hire.  Video interviews can streamline the interview process eliminating the hours wasted arranging and conducting first interviews. Video interviews can be completed within days of compiling your CV shortlist and you can share the clips with colleagues, allowing faster decision making.
  1. Recruitment Cost
    Hiring managers and recruiters are always looking to deliver more for less and video interviews can help do this. It reduces the costs involved with interview scheduling, interview preparation and even basic items such as hiring manager travel costs and any costs related to interview room hiring. Not to mention the costs associated in making the wrong hire!
  1. Interview More Candidates
    Video interviewing offers a solution that allows you to access candidates which you may otherwise not have been able to. Due to its nature, it’s possible to interview candidates across continents and time zones and there’s  no need to spend ‘courtesy time’ on candidates who are not right for the job. Therefore, freeing up time to interview more candidates – and increasing the chance to identify those ‘hidden gems’ that would not normally make it to the short list
  1. Quality of Hire
    Team cultural fit is of high importance when considering candidates for a post. And can often be the hardest to judge at the early stages of the recruitment process. Video interviews allow you to see the personality behind the CV. And, if you ensure that all candidates are asked the same questions and have the same amount of time to answer them, they are all competing on the same terms, with a consistent environment.  Allowing you to make a more informed decision.

Video interviewing solves many problems for employers and addresses the challenges of recruitment today. Shortcut your time to hire and add s1jobs video interviews to your next vacancy. Call 0800 9545 383 or find out more.