What’s new on s1jobs

Social Sharing


You can now share all your vacancies on your social channels with one simple set up.

It saves you having to post to all your individual networks once your vacancy is live.  With one set up, we’ll automatically push all your vacancies to your social networks once they’re live on our site, taking the hassle away from you.

You can stop this set up at any time and re-start when is suitable for you.

So why not reach a wider audience and set up social sharing now.  All you need to do is log in to your jobs manager account and visit the ‘my profile’ section where you’ll find all the info you need to add your social networks.


s1jobs widget

The free s1jobs widget allows you to display your current vacancies on your company website.

It’s really simple to add and it can be integrated with a look and feel identical to your site design with applications still processed by s1jobs. If a jobseeker clicks to apply from a listing on your site, they’ll be redirected to the relevant apply page on s1jobs.com.

You only need to add the widget once and when you have vacancies live on s1jobs, they’ll appear on your site too. If there’s a time when you don’t have any vacancies, then we’ll display a message stating that you are not recruiting at the moment.

To add the widget all you need to do is pass your unique code snippet, which you can find in your jobs manager account, to your web developer and tell them where you’d like your vacancies positioned on your site. We recommend placing them either on a page on their own or at the side of your homepage.  The code is flexible so your developer can change the size, appearance, colours and layout to suit your website’s needs.

It’s that simple, so get  your vacancies live on your site today!