Top 10 tracks to motivate your staff

For full effectiveness all songs must be played as loud as technically possible.


1) Survivor – Eye of the Tiger
A personal favourite of the s1jobs Sales Director. This one never fails to get a positive reaction from the troops. After listening to this your team will be ready to take on the most difficult of clients or mind numbing spread sheet. Little ‘air punches’ are optional – but effective.


2) The Proclaimers – 500 Miles
A Scottish classic that’s sure to motivate even the most lacklustre of teams. Stomping around the office is compulsory.


3) Journey – Don’t Stop Believing
This one will get every single person in your team singing. It never gets old. Listen to everyone try and hit those high notes and watch the passion in their face. They’ll transfer that feeling into the days challenge.


4) AC/DC – Thunderstruck
A classic song to get the whole team riled up. The intro to the song makes you feel like you are about to go to war. Maybe that’s why it has been used as entrance music by many UFC Fighters, as well as by Welterweight Boxing Champion Manny Pacquiao.


5) Queen – We Will Rock You
Play this one early in the morning and you’ll set the tone for the day. Couple it with an extra strong coffee and the effects are extreme!


6) Metallica – Enter Sandman
One of many classic Metallica tunes. If this doesn’t pump up your team, make them hit their target or meet a deadline, then quite frankly, nothing will.


7) Dougie Maclean – Caledonia
The slowest song of our top 10, but what it doesn’t have in pace, it certainly makes up with in emotion. This one will help your team bond, as they wrap their arms around each other and belt out each note with an immense feeling of ‘Scottishness’.


8) James Brown – I Feel Good
You can’t help but do a shoulder shake to this one. It’s bound to make everyone smile and ‘feel good’ in an early Monday morning meeting.


9) Bon Jovi – Livin’ On A Prayer
Your Sales team might think they’re ‘livin’ on a prayer’ to reach their target. But play this track and they’ll be pumped up and ready to give it that extra push.


10) Motorhead – Ace of Spades
No introduction needed really. Leather, long hair and handlebar moustaches are optional, but will help to get everyone in the spirit and ready to tackle the days ‘to-do list’.