Take the hassle out of managing candidate cvs

We know for most employers the thought of going through the hiring process is worse than a visit from the in-laws. And the most common grumbles come when it’s time to review and manage candidate  cvs.

s1jobs to the rescue – let us present Applicant Manager. Never again will you consider receiving applications direct to your inbox.

Our Applicant Manager tool can help make life much easier as it removes the hassle when it comes to filtering and managing applications. It’s a handy online tool that keeps everything in the one place and saves clogging up your inbox or missing that perfect candidate because you didn’t get the email.

Applicant Manager is simple and easy to use and allows you to communicate directly with candidates; inviting them to apply, requesting more information and rejecting. There’s even templates you can use so you don’t need write emails from scratch. And, at a quick glance of the dashboard, you can see what stage of the process each of your candidates are at.






Plus, if you’re posting the vacancy on behalf of a colleague, you can set up multiple users so both can have access to the account.

And the best bit…it’s absolutely free. s1jobs is more than an advertising platform. It’s a complete recruitment system. To find out more about Applicant Manager and how s1jobs can help you find the right candidates even easier, call 0141 302 7510.