Stop your stars from wandering

Bosses everywhere want to keep their top employees happy. As happy as Pharrell Williams opening his royalty cheques.

That’s because when you’re happy, you’re not only doing great work but likely to stick around for longer.

Executive-2-smallAny manager worth their salt knows building a dream team is tough if your line-up keeps changing.

And when the cost of replacing an employee comes in at more than £30,000, it’s no wonder good staff are worth their weight in gold: they need to be treasured, polished and allowed to shine.

Here at s1jobs we know how important employees are to a business, so we’ve come up with top ways to stop your stars from wandering.


Put your hands together

Praising your staff creates the sort of workplace people want to join . . . and stay with. The power of appreciation in a thank-you should not be underestimated. It can be as simple as acknowledging someone for their great work as you pass in the corridor, sending an email or letting them leave a little early.


Know what your stars want

Some staff may value a pay rise but others may feel greater flexibility is worth far more.

A 9-5 doesn’t always suit everyone so ask your employees what matters most to them. That could mean letting them work split shifts, customised hours or even from home.


Offer opportunities to grow

Even the best employees need help to keep moving forward. If they can’t grow, that’s when they start getting restless.

Make sure everyone has the opportunity to develop through training or executive coaching.

Making folk feel challenged and invested in can stop them from moving on.


Keep everyone on your side

It’s natural to want to hold on to your top talent but if you sense they need to climb the ladder encourage movement in-house.

Ensure promotion opportunities are flagged up as employees will often look at internal positions first.


Show them the money

Pay overachievers what they deserve. Take into consideration how much training replacements costs versus what your employee already contributes to your business.

Your employees are an investment and, if one bolts for another company, you’ve lost your stake.


Make yourself a mentor

Invest in a star performer by becoming their biggest supporter. Offer to mentor an employee or find one best suited to guiding them to the next level.

Employees are likely to return the favour by bedding in and laying down roots.


Regular check-ups

Take a temperature check every six months. Are they still feeling challenged, inspired and fulfilled?  Sit down with them and gauge how they’re feeling by asking thoughtful questions.

If you sense enthusiasm is on the wane, offer up a new project or perk.