s1jobs gives you the horn

This week sees the launch of the latest s1jobs’ brand advertising campaign, ‘s1jobs gives you the horn’.  As Scotland’s most successful recruitment platform, we have a reputation for humorous Scottish adverts and this is set to be no different.

Created with Glasgow Digital Agency, Bright Signals, the ad’s strapline ‘s1jobs gives you the horn’ is set to catch the attention and capture the imagination of our Scottish audience.  The advert depicts a bold, powerful Unicorn encouraging a jobseeker to ‘go on, search what they’re looking for, they will like it’.  The jobseeker is encouraged to be bold, brave and stand out, as Unicorns do, as they search s1jobs.com to discover a better job.

The Unicorn ‘horn’ is the vehicle for creativity, but more importantly is a national symbol for Scotland and a sign of exceptionalism, just like our candidates.

Wendy Pauley, s1’s Marketing Director said: “It was time for s1jobs to be bold, brave and stand out.  We’re renowned for our advertising campaigns and we briefed Bright Signals to go big on humour and create another iconic advert for s1jobs.com.  We’re delighted with the results.”

Andy McColgan, Bright Signals Content Director said, “We specialise in creating digital content for brands that doesn’t feel like advertising, so when the opportunity came up to develop a new campaign for s1jobs – a brand that has been winning awards and setting the agenda with cheeky Scottish humour for over a decade – we jumped at it. We’re confident that the new direction for the brand will raise a smile and turn a few heads in the coming weeks and months.”

We are going big on media too, the 40 second ad will appear on STV Player, All 4 and YouTube throughout the autumn and will be supported by traditional radio, digital radio (Spotify and DAX) and a range of digital channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

The new campaign, can be found here:  www.s1jobs.com/s1jobsgivesyouthehorn