Recruiters need to account for the counter-offer

Successful counter-offers create pain for (almost) everyone. Across IT in the UK, some 21% of those planning to move jobs have been counter-offered.

The candidate at least has some more money and/or a promotion, but their loyalty is questioned – and the majority go on to leave within one year. The recruiter is less trusted because they haven’t delivered and the client is back to square one.

However, there is a more fundamental issue here.  Specifically, does the counter-offer culture mean that recruiters and candidates haven’t done the necessary preparation to ensure that the job is one that the candidate really wants?

To minimise counter-offers, recruiters must ensure the matching process and the associated marketing of the new role are spot on. It’s more work, but it leads to more satisfied candidates and clients.

Recruiters have to understand the real reason a candidate is leaving their current job.  We have to dig deep to get this and if money is the main driver then be wary of the counter-offer.  Ironically, there is a bit of a taboo around discussing money.  Don’t be put off – get the matching right and everyone benefits. Get it wrong and no-one does.

Gareth Biggerstaff, MD, Be-IT Resourcing