March update from Sales Director Gavin Mochan

Gavin_picThis month I had the honour of meeting Mr. Jim McColl OBE.  For those who don’t know Jim, he is one of Scotland’s most successful businessmen.

Jim has been at the heart of the engineering and technology markets in Scotland for over 30 years and through his efforts in business, has created thousands of high quality, well paid job opportunities for his fellow Scots.

In 2014, following the demise of Ferguson Shipbuilders, Jim stepped in to save the last merchant shipyard on the Clyde from extinction.  His company, Clyde Blowers Capital, invested £8-20 million in the project which safeguarded the Clyde’s shipbuilding legacy.   Meaning there’ll be more high quality, skilled jobs being made available for generations.

Upon taking over Ferguson Shipbuilders, Jim retained and hired back, some of the skilled workforce which had been ‘let go’ when the shipyard got into financial trouble.  Speaking to Jim I know he intends to build the workforce further with as many as 200-300.

This move not only protects a key part of Scotland’s heritage but allows it to look forward to a bright future.  It is notable that this is not the first time Jim has saved a business in distress; back in 1992 he bought a stake in the family-owned engineering company Clyde Blowers.  In 2007 he bought Weir Pumps, the same company he started his career as an apprentice.  Currently Clyde Blowers consists of 85 companies in 27 different countries, employing over 5,000 people around the world with a turnover in excess of £1.35 billion.

With obvious expertise in turning around businesses, I had to ask him the secret of his success.  To this he told me “there is no secret to it.  It is common sense.  I have always spoken directly to the employees, they normally tell you exactly what’s wrong.”  It is always said that those who know a subject well can explain it simply, Jim clearly does this very well, even when it came to talking about complex financial situations.

Another insight was around what drove Jim from apprentice to the top of the business world.  With a well documented passion for cars it was unsurprising he told me “to get a better car.”  It would be this that would be one of the deciding factors for him to go back to study for a degree in International Accounting and Finance, having reached the ceiling of his current roles at the time.

It’s with these points in mind that we’re delighted to recognise and honour Mr Jim McColl OBE for the 2015 Chairman’s Award.

We would like to congratulate Jim on his achievements and look forward to presenting this very well deserved accolade.

Lastly, I look forward to welcoming many of you to the s1jobs Recruitment Awards which takes place this coming Thursday.  It is our fourth year of the event and it is shaping up to be the best ever.

Top 5 sectors in Scotland by job volume for February





Health & Social Care

Top 5 sectors in Scotland by YOY growth

Property/Construction – 53%

Military/Policing/Security – 49%

Health & Social Care – 35%

Banking/Insurance – 16%

Consultant/Analyst – 7%