Making a job offer

Making a job offerYou found the perfect candidate for your job. Don’t take a chance on losing them and having to start the process from scratch. Follow our top tips for making a job offer.

1. Don’t hang about

If you’ve made a decision, why wait?

Whenever possible contact the selected candidate later the same day of their final interview. If not, make contact within a day or two at most. Not only can you ease the candidate’s stress during the post-interview waiting period but you also show how thrilled you are to make them a part of your team.

 2. Always call

Make sure you call your chosen candidate rather than sending an email or letter. This way you show your excitement, but you can also gauge the level of enthusiasm of the candidate.

Be professional but be enthusiastic. It’s natural to play your cards close to your chest in the interview, so this is your chance to tell the candidate they were your first choice and how impressed you were with their skills.

It also means you can explain all aspects of the salary and benefits package, and it gives the candidate the opportunity to ask any further questions.

3. Make a competitive offer

Before entering negotiations you should understand the salary trends for the role. Any offer you make should be fair to the candidate and in line with your industry and your company. If you’re unsure contact our Sales Support Team and they’d be happy to advise.

4. Follow up in writing

Then put everything in an email or letter. Include all elements of the offer: job title, base salary, benefits, holidays, any perks, etc.

And make sure to set a deadline.