July update from Sales Director, Gavin Mochan

Gavin_picThe last few months for s1jobs has been a busy period.  It was the biggest Q2 we have seen at s1jobs, with record levels of jobs posted to the site.

We have been busy behind the scenes too.  Over a number of months we have been developing new products, all designed to make your life as a recruiter that bit easier.

Three weeks ago we launched our new CV database product.  Our customers told us that they wanted a CV database which is more intuitive and has lots more candidates. Through improving and enhancing our old system, we have come up with a powerful tool which is easy to use and stocked with great talent.

The new system is growing rapidly, over 10 times faster than our previous CV database.  Last week we added 2.5 CVs per minute over the working week.  We believe this makes ours amongst the fastest growing candidate database in Scotland.

Most importantly customers who have used our new CV database have agreed on the benefits that this proactive candidate sourcing tool will have on their business.  This is highlighted by the number of clients who have already moved to the new system. Provided the trend continues we predict that there will be more people using the new database versus the old, within just two months.

Correct usage of CV access will reduce your cost per hire, drastically cut time to hire, whilst all the while improving the quality of candidate. 

Finding and attracting candidates is just one side of the story for recruiters.  Once we have a pool of interested and qualified people we have the task of selecting the best individual for the job.

As recruiters I am sure we will not underestimate the challenge of picking the right employees.  According to a global survey I read recently 46% of newly-hired employees will fail within the first 18 months.  Consequences of making the wrong choice can have devastating effects on your business, your employees, revenues, productivity, market (employer) perception and customers.

This is why I am delighted to announce that next week we will be launching s1jobs interviewer.  This fully integrated video interviewing product will make it easier for recruiters and hiring managers to make more educated decisions on whether the candidate is the right fit.

s1jobs interviewer has been shown, through a study with the CIPD, to reduce costs associated with hiring by 35-58%.  What’s more it will result in a 75-83% time saving, which is always the real cost in recruitment.

A solution which will provide structured interviews, meaning a more accurate benchmark through continuity, can have a profound effect on your quality of hire.  Plus, an opportunity to see the individual, beyond what’s on their CV, is always a good indicator of cultural fit.

We look forward to discussing these products with you.   If you haven’t had the opportunity to review these, but would like to, you can request a call back here.