It’s Time to Hire!

Time to hire (TTH) is one of the most important metrics in our business.

In theory, as technology has improved, businesses should see times to hire reduce. However, the complexities of the labour market mean it’s not that simple. This is particularly true of the IT world, where skills shortages are not going away any time soon.

Our experience at Be-IT is that TTH in Q1 of 2015 was almost twice as long as for Q1 of 2014, and c. 25% longer than for 2014 as a whole.  This applied to perm and temp roles. In short, roles were filled more quickly in Q1 2014 because candidate availability was better and clients, buoyed by improved economic conditions, made new investments, needed staff and consequently made quicker recruitment decisions.

Part of the explanation for this slowdown may be the general election, with the likelihood of a hung parliament denting business confidence and holding up decisions till we discover whom the next incumbent of Downing Street is (and whether Holyrood has a place at the cabinet table).  Moreover, the election is exacerbating the difficulties for IT firms dependent on exports as the pound and euro weaken and the dollar strengthens.

What is perhaps a concern is that in 2014 the overall TTH lengthened as the year proceeded. All recruiters need to be working very hard indeed to strive to ensure this does not happen in 2015.

Gareth Biggerstaff, MD, Be-IT Resourcing