Industry spotlight – Construction

Builder_text_finals1jobs has seen a positive start to 2014 in the Construction industry.

In April, vacancies increased by 49% on April 2013.
More than 46,000 applications made were made for construction jobs in January-April 2014. 
Over 35,000 searches for construction vacancies every month in 2014.
13.5k candidates registered on the CV database.


But not only is the construction industry showing signs of growth, it’s moving on too. Employers within the construction industry are starting to recognise that their candidates are no longer searching the papers for their next move.

Jennifer Brown of Contract Scotland comments…

“IT literacy is assumed these days rather than requested, take it from us; we haven’t seen a paper CV in years! Similarly newspaper advertising is a thing of the past.

Part of our programme to generate new candidates is through advertising and that advertising is now online, the ‘old school builder’ is no more”.

Gone are the days of the workman in his van reading the newspaper while on lunch. He’s keeping up to date on his phone or tablet. So make sure you’re advertising where they’re looking, when searching for your next candidate.