Four ways forward to a happy workplace

Aside from giving everyone the day off, what’s the single most effective way to ensure happiness in the workplace?

A dress-down day can add informality and ease tensions. Extra long lunch breaks on a Friday always go down exceedingly well.

HR-2-smallBut as HR professionals know, it’s only a combination of different elements that can truly instil confidence and contentment in employees.

So let’s look at four ways to help make everyone happy while they work.


Offer a warm welcome

Where better place to begin than right at the start: the job interview?

The best Recruitment Consultant or HR Manager knows it’s important to get off on the right foot.

Making candidates feel relaxed and welcome will be the best start to what could be a long working relationship.

Listening and learning about the person will pay huge dividends.

As will providing fresh doughnuts!


Allow plenty of room to grow

Ensuring employees can develop their skill sets is vital for the evolution of not just individuals but the entire business.

Offering training and opportunities for upskilling improves work practices but also shows the company cares about the personal development of its family.

Set challenges and allow folk to feel the satisfaction of reaching new goals.

Just don’t make upskilling sound like homework!


Don’t make time the enemy

There’s always someone who ruins it for everyone by sleeping in every Monday and that can’t go unchecked.

However being fixated on a super-strict 9-to-5 regime can make workers feel under added pressure.

Allowing flexibility in hours can make a huge difference to employees who may be juggling childcare or dealing with transport issues.

Focusing on getting the job done well rather than clock watching will help instil a more relaxed and productive atmosphere.


Forget the naughty step

As an HR manager faced with Irene complaining that Jerry keeps hiding the stapler it’s easy to forget you’re dealing with grown-ups!

So while the company’s discipline policies need to be well defined, it’s often more productive to suggest Irene and Jerry ‘have a word with themselves’ than launch a full-scale stapler inquiry.

Keep the peace with a few strong words softly spoken.


Allow freedom of movement

A good workplace is one in which everyone knows they can move up the career ladder and be rewarded for hard work.

Being passed over without any reason being given can alienate, so always be ready to discuss why decisions have been made and offer encouragement.

Again, fresh doughnuts will help.