Create your own Talent Pool with s1jobs CV Database

I want to turn the spotlight on Talent Pools and how s1’s CV Database will help you create your very own. If you’re a tad unsure of what creating a talent pool means for your business, allow me to elucidate, for a start don’t confuse the phrase with football, infinity or car.


There’s been an awful lot espoused about talent pools, but unfortunately most offerings are generally just floundering around at the shallow end. I’m a huge fan of talent pools, and when dealt with correctly, it’s a very shrewd way to develop connections with, and get a better understanding of potential candidates. At s1jobs we have a fantastic product to help you attract the best candidates available to take that job with your business.

s1jobs’ CV Database will benefit your business on so many levels, it’s the equivalent of you having your very own exclusive in-house resource team working 24/7 building a community of candidates for you to dip in and out of. Our s1jobs interface lets you clearly define what you are looking for in your ideal candidate. CV Database allows you to create your own Talent Pools, handing you the power to create an internal database of candidate profiles interested in working for you.

Why it will work for your business? Well, it’s a proactive approach to hiring, allowing you to take control of the hiring process and increases your accessibility to quality candidates, reducing time and cost to hire, freeing you up to concentrate on growing your business. It will also allow you tap into your hiring and industry competitors’ valuable talent pools – something that would be almost impossible for you to do right now without this tool!

If you approached a head hunter to do this kind of work for you, it would cost you upwards of £5k per candidate! I’m sure you’ll agree s1jobs CV Database is a much better solution for you in many ways. The great news is you can do all of this and more at the click of a button and it allows you to narrow your search to areas of expertise, allowing you to tap into those specific skill sets for immediate or future vacancies. CV Database also offers a candidate alerting functionality – Candidate Alerts will automatically search on your behalf 24/7 and email you instantly when any new candidates match your criteria, and you can set up to 10 variations of alerts.

s1jobs has invested a lot of time, money and resource to ensure that our hiring solutions, in particular CV Database, are home to Scotland’s best talent and fastest growing bank of candidates. We built the tool so you’d be able to efficiently source relevant talent for your hiring needs in your s1jobs back office to help you stem agency spend.

We have 363,000 candidates registered with CV Database and with round 13,000 new CVs added in the last month to s1jobs, CV Database is a breeze to use, making it really simple to target the right candidates even if you have little or no recruitment experience.

Bear in mind though, when communicating with potential talent, your hiring manager has to make sure they have positive information about your business to communicate to candidates. Proper talent pooling shouldn’t be regarded as a purely business approach, you need to understand why that person you engaged with has suddenly become a candidate.

Make it your mission to create the right environment for attracting top talent. Job seekers have changed, and more often than not they are looking for opportunities for them to make a real difference in the workplace. They want to be seen as more than just a cog in a corporate machine. Let them know that they will have career with you, be invested in and be given learning opportunities to grow with your business. They will be questioning whether or not you are going to be supportive, have flexibility and a positive, inclusive culture.

They want to know if it’s ok to challenge the existing state of affairs, they want to know if their ideas and contributions will be appreciated. They want to know that their future managers will recognise and reward them for a job well done.

CV Database absolutely revolutionises how to search for the right candidate for your role. It gives you an unparalleled reach to both active (those who are actively seeking a new role) and passive (those who don’t know yet that they want to work for you!) potential candidates in the market place throughout Scotland. Get in touch with us today and start creating your talent pool – s1jobs CV Database – changing the way you connect with quality candidates.

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