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Top 10 tracks to motivate your staff

For full effectiveness all songs must be played as loud as technically possible.


1) Survivor – Eye of the Tiger
A personal favourite of the s1jobs Sales Director. This one never fails to get a positive reaction from the troops. After listening to this your team will be ready to take on the most difficult of clients or mind numbing spread sheet. Little ‘air punches’ are optional – but effective.


2) The Proclaimers – 500 Miles
A Scottish classic that’s sure to motivate even the most lacklustre of teams. Stomping around the office is compulsory.

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September update from Sales Director, Gavin Mochan

According to national statistics, unemployment in Scotland increased by 3,000 reaching 155,000 between April and June.  This takes the working population of Scotland to 2.6 million, up 1%, or 29,000 in real terms, from the same period last year.

The Scottish unemployment rate is now 5.6%, on par with England.  Interestingly the split is not even across genders.  It appears that women are performing better in the jobs market than men – with unemployment for women in Scotland at 4.9%, compared to 6.3% for men.

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Financial Services is booming

Britain’s financial services sector is booming louder than King Kong’s chest in mating season.



But don’t take our word for it: the UK has been revealed as the world’s biggest net exporter of financial services for the tenth year in a row.

The announcement by financial services lobby group TheCityUK claims financial services – if you include accountancy, legal services and management consultancy –reached a whopping $95bn (that’s £65bn in our money) last year.

That’s 4.3% higher than the year before, nearly double its 2015 value of $56bn (£36bn) and $59bn (£38bn) higher than its nearest competitor the US ($36bn (£23bn)).

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Making a job offer

Making a job offerYou found the perfect candidate for your job. Don’t take a chance on losing them and having to start the process from scratch. Follow our top tips for making a job offer.

1. Don’t hang about

If you’ve made a decision, why wait?

Whenever possible contact the selected candidate later the same day of their final interview. If not, make contact within a day or two at most. Not only can you ease the candidate’s stress during the post-interview waiting period but you also show how thrilled you are to make them a part of your team.

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July update from Sales Director, Gavin Mochan

Gavin_picThe last few months for s1jobs has been a busy period.  It was the biggest Q2 we have seen at s1jobs, with record levels of jobs posted to the site.

We have been busy behind the scenes too.  Over a number of months we have been developing new products, all designed to make your life as a recruiter that bit easier.

Three weeks ago we launched our new CV database product.  Our customers told us that they wanted a CV database which is more intuitive and has lots more candidates. Through improving and enhancing our old system, we have come up with a powerful tool which is easy to use and stocked with great talent.

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Top 5 interview questions to remember when recruiting

A job interview isn’t simply a one way street where the onus is on the applicant to turn up, jump through hoops and impress the recruiter.

In fact it is the only chance you, as the recruiter, have to gain an understanding of the applicant.

Sure, it’s like being on Mastermind for the candidate being interviewed but that doesn’t make you Magnus Magnusson.

You’re on the spot just as much as them. The cost implications alone from making a “bad hire” are estimated to run into six-figure sums.

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Collaborative Technology is the future

Many organisations are seeking new ways to improve productivity and work-life balance.  It’s a particular problem for multi-national companies that struggle to recruit IT talent locally and/or make effective use of colleagues spread across the world.  How can their staff collaborate better to achieve their common goals?  VOIP, Skype and other technologies allow global communication, but often the focus is only on the software and not the human element.

Put simply, there is insufficient investment in best-practice training for employees on how to lead, manage and work in teams which have little or no in-person contact. It’s when an organisation invests in the people and the technology to support its globally diverse workforce that it begins to make the technology ROI a reality by engaging and retaining the top talent from anywhere in the world.

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