A record month for s1jobs, despite a fall in unemployment

Quarterly figures released by the Office for National Statistics last week showed that unemployment in Scotland fell by 1,000 to 112,000.

The increase in Scottish employment rates however is not reflective of the number of Scots who are on the lookout for a new role. In the same month that s1jobs celebrated its 17th birthday, records were broken – with 1 million visitors recorded in January.

Over 63,000 bold and brave Scots visited the site in just one day as they looked to further their career. With over 20,000 Scottish vacancies in January across 36 different sectors, with growth in vacancies in Accountancy, Financial Services, Marketing, Production and Retail.  s1jobs continues to attract the masses, with jobseekers able to find many quality mid-levels roles as well as entry level and part-time vacancies with many large national employers.

Such strong growth is attributed to the continuing success of the ‘s1jobs gives you the horn’ campaign which grabs the attention of jobseekers within what is a crowded digital space, as well as the unique ability to attract both active and passive jobseekers through the Newsquest network.

In periods of strong Scottish employment rates recruiters need to work harder to attract the best talent and s1jobs continues to be the go to platform for employers to promote their roles.

Wendy Pauley, s1 Marketing Director said: “We work hard to make sure that s1jobs remains the first port of call for Scotland’s recruiters and jobseekers alike.  In times of low unemployment, recruiters need to promote their employer brand and s1jobs.com provides the best opportunities to reach active and passive candidates across Scotland.

“We took a risk with our advertising campaign. Although not appealing to all, we set to stir enthusiasm in a light hearted and humorous way amongst people who were unhappy in their job and to encourage them to be bold and brave and to find a new one they were passionate about.  Thankfully most Scots have an affinity with our humour.”

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s1jobs has over 6,000 jobs across Scotland, including over 1,700 part-time vacancies.