Learning from the expert – Karen Hutcheson



We were delighted to be joined on Monday (2 October) by Karen Hutcheson from British Gas for the latest Mastermind session. Mastermind sessions take place in the s1jobs head office every quarter. They are designed exclusively for s1jobs Account Managers to provide them with valuable insight and learnings from industry experts.

Karen is a thoroughly experienced career recruiter, having firstly started out in the retail sector before transitioning into a call centre environment. Karen’s most recent move is onto a dedicated recruitment function of behalf of many major organisations including o2, Dell, NHS and many other outsourcers.

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Record visitors for s1jobs.com

Following the launch of the new campaign ‘s1jobs gives you the horn’, we have noticed traffic soar to the highest level since January 2016. Over 70,000 visitors were recorded on s1jobs in just one day (Wednesday 13th September) and a record number of 818,001 visited in September.

The campaign tagline sets to shock, cut through the crowded digital space and grab the attention and imagination of a younger digital audience. However, as the campaign progresses, the method in our madness is becoming more apparent.  Utilising the Unicorn, Scotland’s national animal, as the lynchpin of the campaign with stories of bravery, uniqueness and exceptionalism acts as powerful motivation for Scottish jobseekers to take the leap and find a better job.

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