A record month for s1jobs, despite a fall in unemployment

Quarterly figures released by the Office for National Statistics last week showed that unemployment in Scotland fell by 1,000 to 112,000.

The increase in Scottish employment rates however is not reflective of the number of Scots who are on the lookout for a new role. In the same month that s1jobs celebrated its 17th birthday, records were broken – with 1 million visitors recorded in January.

Over 63,000 bold and brave Scots visited the site in just one day as they looked to further their career. With over 20,000 Scottish vacancies in January across 36 different sectors, with growth in vacancies in Accountancy, Financial Services, Marketing, Production and Retail.  s1jobs continues to attract the masses, with jobseekers able to find many quality mid-levels roles as well as entry level and part-time vacancies with many large national employers.

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The Power of Employee Stories for Employer Branding

s1jobs welcomes International HR Expert, Matt Alder in a series of guest blogs.


Employer Branding has never been more critical. Long-term skill shortages, uncertainty around immigration and the challenges created by digital transformation means that an ever growing number of employers are finding it difficult to attract the talent they need to their businesses. In such a candidate driven market, companies must offer a compelling and persuasive case to convince the best people to join them, and a strong employer brand is critical to achieving this.

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s1jobs voted Best Regional Jobsite for the seventh year


s1jobs.com has been voted the Best Regional Jobsite at the National Online Recruitment Awards. This marks the seventh victory since our first win in 2003, and makes s1jobs the most frequent winner in this category since the awards began in 2001.

The National Online Recruitment Awards were created to acknowledge and reward excellence in online recruitment practice. Importantly with the NORA’s it’s members of the public who nominate, with recruitment players being whittled down to five nominations within each category.  The finalists were then judged by a panel of online recruitment industry professionals.

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Learning from the expert – Karen Hutcheson



We were delighted to be joined on Monday (2 October) by Karen Hutcheson from British Gas for the latest Mastermind session. Mastermind sessions take place in the s1jobs head office every quarter. They are designed exclusively for s1jobs Account Managers to provide them with valuable insight and learnings from industry experts.

Karen is a thoroughly experienced career recruiter, having firstly started out in the retail sector before transitioning into a call centre environment. Karen’s most recent move is onto a dedicated recruitment function of behalf of many major organisations including o2, Dell, NHS and many other outsourcers.

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Record visitors for s1jobs.com

Following the launch of the new campaign ‘s1jobs gives you the horn’, we have noticed traffic soar to the highest level since January 2016. Over 70,000 visitors were recorded on s1jobs in just one day (Wednesday 13th September) and a record number of 818,001 visited in September.

The campaign tagline sets to shock, cut through the crowded digital space and grab the attention and imagination of a younger digital audience. However, as the campaign progresses, the method in our madness is becoming more apparent.  Utilising the Unicorn, Scotland’s national animal, as the lynchpin of the campaign with stories of bravery, uniqueness and exceptionalism acts as powerful motivation for Scottish jobseekers to take the leap and find a better job.

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s1jobs gives you the horn

This week sees the launch of the latest s1jobs’ brand advertising campaign, ‘s1jobs gives you the horn’.  As Scotland’s most successful recruitment platform, we have a reputation for humorous Scottish adverts and this is set to be no different.

Created with Glasgow Digital Agency, Bright Signals, the ad’s strapline ‘s1jobs gives you the horn’ is set to catch the attention and capture the imagination of our Scottish audience.  The advert depicts a bold, powerful Unicorn encouraging a jobseeker to ‘go on, search what they’re looking for, they will like it’.  The jobseeker is encouraged to be bold, brave and stand out, as Unicorns do, as they search s1jobs.com to discover a better job.

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s1jobs’ Industry Update

In the ever-changing world that is recruitment, it’s becoming increasingly important to keep up to date on the latest trends and insights, allowing you to move with the times and adapt where necessary. However, in business, we don’t always have the time, with information often being hosted across a multitude of places: blogs, news articles and reports.

As Scotland’s no.1 job site, we understand recruitment. And, having worked closely with our clients for the past 16 years, can provide useful insight and analysis.  Meaning you can focus on business, whilst we bring you information in an easy to digest way – keeping you up to date with all things recruitment across Scotland.

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Create your own Talent Pool with s1jobs CV Database

I want to turn the spotlight on Talent Pools and how s1’s CV Database will help you create your very own. If you’re a tad unsure of what creating a talent pool means for your business, allow me to elucidate, for a start don’t confuse the phrase with football, infinity or car.


There’s been an awful lot espoused about talent pools, but unfortunately most offerings are generally just floundering around at the shallow end. I’m a huge fan of talent pools, and when dealt with correctly, it’s a very shrewd way to develop connections with, and get a better understanding of potential candidates. At s1jobs we have a fantastic product to help you attract the best candidates available to take that job with your business.

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Take the hassle out of managing candidate cvs

We know for most employers the thought of going through the hiring process is worse than a visit from the in-laws. And the most common grumbles come when it’s time to review and manage candidate  cvs.

s1jobs to the rescue – let us present Applicant Manager. Never again will you consider receiving applications direct to your inbox.

Our Applicant Manager tool can help make life much easier as it removes the hassle when it comes to filtering and managing applications. It’s a handy online tool that keeps everything in the one place and saves clogging up your inbox or missing that perfect candidate because you didn’t get the email.

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